Welcome to The Salem Pantry’s Food Donation Guide!

At The Salem Pantry, we gratefully accept food donations from our local community. Whether you are considering hosting a food drive or have extra items to donate, here are some things you should know.

What food should I donate?

The Salem Pantry believes everyone deserves access to high quality food. With that in mind, we ask that any food donated to the pantry be within date and unopened. It is also best to avoid donating refrigerated or frozen foods, as they can spoil easily and might not make it to our cooler or freezer shelves safely.

What happens to the food when I donate it?

Once your donation arrives, our volunteers at the Food Storage and Distribution Warehouse sort and inspect each item.  We check to make sure the food is not expired, the packaging is intact, and that all items are safe for distribution. If it meets these criteria, the items will go to The Market or on The Truck to be shared at different Pop-Up Sites.

What items does the food pantry need?

While all donations are appreciated, pantry staples like flour, cooking oil, and spices are especially valuable. During the holidays, items to accompany the main course are equally as important. This can include stuffing mix, gravy, cranberry sauce, canned pumpkins, pie shells, and baked good mixes. If you are going to the grocery store to purchase items, consider donating gift cards in small increments ($5, $10, $15).

Where should I bring my donated food?

Large food donations from food drives can be brought to our Food Storage and Distribution Warehouse located at 45 Congress Street, Salem. For easy access, use the south entrance of Shetland Park past Harbor Sweets. We are located at dock 24A next to Iron Spider Fitness.

Smaller donations can be brought to our offices at 27 Congress Street, Suite 203.

We appreciate the many ways we receive support from our community. Consider making a monetary donation, as it allows us to buy more essential items in bulk, ensuring a consistent supply of quality food for the 3,600 families we serve each month.