A Look Inside a Record Breaking Month at The Salem Pantry

September was a record-breaking month at The Salem Pantry. These numbers reflect the still persistent need for reliable access to food in Salem and on the North Shore.

Guests Served

In September 2,656 households made 6,766 visits to The Salem Pantry, marking a significant increase from 3,295 total visits in September 2022.  Amongst the increased number of guests, we have seen a 42% increase in guests from Salem.

The 2,656 households receiving food assistance equates to 7,876 individuals from the Salem and North Shore community.

Food Distributed

Through The Market, Pop Ups, and our community partners we distributed over 148,000 pounds of food. The food was sourced through The Greater Boston Food Bank, our farm partners, and food rescue from local businesses and wholesalers. Of the almost 150,000 pounds of food 67,411 pounds were fresh produce.

Not Slowing Down

The significant numbers recorded in September may indicate a continuing trend of heightened demand, with the previous record of visits set just the month before in August. With the rising cost of living, and the uncertainty around support from SNAP benefits and WIC due to the possible government shutdown, an increasing number of families are turning to food pantries to supplement their weekly grocery expenses.

The Salem Pantry relies heavily on the support of our community, primarily through donations and the dedication of volunteers. We invite community members to join in our mission as we prepare for a busy holiday season, a period when the pantry traditionally experiences a surge in demand for services.